Crypto Mining Solutions

Verecore Mining Services

Our customers are provided the same level of service we expect for our own mining. You will be provided consistent uptime, responsive service and communication, and transparent access to your investment. Our principals have 30 years experience in IT and technology, as well as facilities, construction and engineering. Join us in the Crypto space by hosting with us in our North Georgia facility. Currently expanding our hosting capacity in January, 2022 including Immersion. Please contact us if we can be of service.

Mining Hosting Solutions

We offer air cooled hosting for your miner at a competitive per kWh rate that allows consistent uptime and minimal interruptions in your mining investment. Environment is filtered, and adjusted from the seasonal extremes to keep consistent intake tempatures. Our Mining management platform provides us full monitoring of every single miner and assures we keep all environmental within targets.

Immersion solutions will be provided in early 2022, now taking reservations!

Mining Hardware

We can assist in hardware procurment or just general advice in selecting your Mining platform.


Why Verecore?

If you want an experienced team responsible for your Crypto Mining investment, Verecore will provide that peace of mind with consistent uptime, responsiveness and care for your Crypto mining goals the same as we do for our own.