Managed Security

Verecore Security Management (VSM)

Verecore Security Management eliminates the complexity and costs of managing multiple, disparate point products by providing a unified, yet highly extensible, platform that delivers all the security essentials required for effective threat detection, incident response, and compliance management.

Protection Against Emerging Threats

Stay ahead of emerging threats with the most up-to-date, global threat intelligence delivered contiuously and automatically to the USM platform.

Comprehensive Security Monitoring

Eliminate security blind spots with automated asset discovery and continuous, centralized monitoring of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

Accelerated Detection & Response

Stop attacks sooner with early threat detection, classification, and prioritization, combined with built-in response orchestration and automation.

Simplified Compliance Management

Ease compliant e orts with continuous monitoring, centralized log collection, secure log storage, and audit-ready reports.

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High-Value, Unified Security

Achieve greater business value with AlienVault's unified approach to threat detection, incident response, and compliance management.